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In this episode of the Edgy Veg Candice once again partners up with some friends for another Vegan Cheese Taste Test.


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  1. I am glad to see a people who honestly hate Daiya cheese. Every vegan I knew recommended it when I began eating vegan and my mouth was literally offended

  2. daiya cheddar shreds have been the most convincing/passable vegan cheese I've found so far. I would mix it with like a 1/2 slice of the 'go veggie!' cheddar cheese and it actually tasted pretty real that way. Honestly my favorite combo.

  3. Try Sheese cream cheese… they're a Scottish company and you can find it in Toronto fairly easily. I found it at a Sobey's. It's AMAZING, I like it way better than Tofutti.

  4. I'm slowly transitioning into becoming a vegan and I know cheese is one of the main food groups I was going to have a hard time letting go so I recently bought Daiya cheese and I absolutely hate it. I tried to have it redeem itself when I made veggie fajitas but it was still so disgusting. It tastes like flavored spicy cardboard. I'll be on the search for better vegan cheese.

  5. Do y'all get Follow Your Heart cheese? I've loved their slices, blocks and shreds. Just found their gouda earlier this month and it smelled and tasted like gouda. Their provolone is really good, too.

  6. You guys should try the different flavours of the daiya and follow your heart/earth island cheeses. I saw you tried the tomato cayenne Chao cheese in another video, but they have a coconut herb one which i really like as well. Daiya's pepper jack shreds are really good melted (only ever tried it melted) and they also have a mozzarella style and I think a havarti style (in block form) And follow your heart/earth island has a mozzarella style as well in both block and slices and shredded form.

  7. daiya was my first and last store bought vegan cheese experience when I first went vegan. Ugh, its so gross to me. I just opt out the fake cheeses all together and just sprinkle nutrional yeast when cheese is called for in a recipe

  8. I used to eat parmesan with a spoon lol There was a weird time of my life where all I ate after school was parmesan with chocolate (?????).

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