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Today I try to make Paula Deen’s famous Cheeseburger Meatloaf vegan just in time for family dinner! This recipes is great for kids …


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  1. Every syllable, uses hands! Take a college course to communicate effectively, it's annoying, distracting, and certainly is obvious you have no public speaking training! Thumbs down on this.

  2. Make a veganized Canadian "meat pie"! I've done it and it's delicious. I think it would be a little weird for folks who didn't grow up eating it, because WHY MEAT PIE? covered in ketchup of course.

  3. This looks pretty good. It did look a little dry though. Maybe more water in the egg replacer, or just add some alternative to dairy. Or a dab of oil. Or something. Plus a meatloaf pro tip for getting it out of the pan, don’t cook it in a loaf pan. LOL! Or cut at least 2 or 3 slices and lift them out at the same time.

  4. How bout Rachel Ray, this American chef and money mogul that everyone here loves! Occasionally she’ll make a vegetarian dish and put 1 pound of salt and cheese in it. I’m like aww man..but this is how my country eats 🙄

  5. When I was in college, one of my friends was a vegetarian. She used to buy almond pate that was a substitute for meat pate. It was delicious. I would love to see you tackle vegan pate etc..

    As for a chef to veganize… Guy Fiereri, Rachel Ray, Micheal Smith, Ricardo, Stefano Faita, or Emeril Lagasse. (sorry if I've spelled any of their names wrong)

    Also there was a cooking show on with a Canadian chef cooking French Food… Laura Calder

  6. While I agree that "Americans eat some weird-ass food, man," as an American, I have to defend us and say this is not typical American fare. This is weird even by Anerican standards. (Paula does come from the land of chitlins, though, so there's that).

  7. It is really disappointing to see such a progressive vegan channel unproblematically supporting racism (through silence). By not coming out against Paula Deen's racism, I assume to avoid isolating some one your audience, you have still isolated a large portion of your audience. I would rather see you isolate the racists! Love your videos, just not this one

  8. I like to make meatloaf with lentils and veggies. And make it a bit thinner in the pan to keep it crispy and not too soft in the middle. Great meal to freeze. 👍

  9. Very nice demo! I like what you're doing, though I was never interested in veganising what celebrity non-vegan chefs make because vegans have their own celebrity chefs with awesome recipes. Anyway, I think you do an amazing job! Fellow yanks can use Bac-Os or McCormick Bac'n Pieces (all vegan!) to sub out in a pinch.

  10. Candace, I have been seeing posts this week on Beyond Meat launching a "Beyond Beef" product. Looks like raw ground beef. Will they have this in Canadian grocery stores? Can you try a product review on it? I'm thinking that would be the meatloaf replacement.

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