Vegan Chicken Taste Test…Which Brands Are OVER-HYPED?!

Hey guys, in today’s video we sit down for a vegan chicken taste test, trying some of the most over-hyped vegan products.


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  1. I’m not vegan but I love your channel and these videos make me want to purchase vegan “junk food” just to feel better about eating junk. lol I will continue to live vicariously through you until that day comes. 😄

  2. Everybody's trying to hype on to the vegan train I would say it's misleading It says it's something when it really isn't So again I would give it up too Maybe it looks like a chicken nugget but it's not a chicken nugget It's only vegetables that they press together I'm trying to deceive customers with a so-called brand I call it a chicken nugget Actually not thinking about I probably even give it a one or a zero just because you try to deceive me by putting it into in a category of a chicken nugget thumbs down The company tries to deceive the customer the consumer If I was in a hairy trying to run and get something vegan like that and just thinking oh wow nice packaging let me grab it looks good just to find out that all I grabbed was nothing but plant-based vegetables and not satan or even a protein particular item is just simply they have pressed vegetables together To make it look like a chicken nugget put it in a chicken nugget aisle with the other vegan and then try and pass it along 00 deceiving customers with their so-called chicken nugget product which isn't a chicken nugget product Please start reading these things our proper rating You know it shouldn't even go any higher than that It doesn't taste like chicken It's basically pressed vegetables and breaded I might as well eat vegetable tempura to be tricked by this faux chicken nugget These are your words describing those nuggets

  3. Yes I do put ketchup on my chicken burger No damn big deal Only to those who want to make a deal I have not tried the chicken patty sliders by Garden I just bought the chicken patties no bun and I didn't think it taste that great Again the nuggets from Gardena is much better than the actual patty But did did not include any kind of bun or bread It wasn't a slider It was only what was in the store And what was available I'm trying to give it taste test myself I'm new at this myself but yes I put ketchup on chicken sandwich have done it I've done it with mayo as well I tried mustard couple times but that didn't drive very well I would say if you're going to do a chicken sandwich BBQ sauce Mayo and Ketchup will be just fine Also I'm very concerned that you gave that first chicken nugget such a high rating on both flavor Even though you say it tastes like pink slime so I don't understand Either it tastes like crap or it doesn't taste like crap I Maybe don't want to make the company like bad but if you're telling me it has a taste of pink slime I know damn well a real chicken nugget doesn't taste like pink slime so if you're actually trying to convince me that pink slime deserves a 7 I am very wondering what in the world's going on with your taste buds Cuz that doesn't even sound appealing So why don't you just say this say give it a two because pink slime is a terrible way to describe something and give it such a high rating

  4. I must say I just tried the morning star chicken patties They were not all that good really The brain was okay but it was kind of mushy and it had weird taste to it but the weird thing about it is that the morning star nuggets were actually a bit better and wasn't so mushy or wet tasting So it's really weird even though they're both more in store products Was a chicken nugget and one is a patty Clearly they have changed the texture slightly with Morning star chicken patty versus The chicken tenders if they would have left the chicken patty alone And just followed up with the chicken tender and made it into a patty it would have been much more tastier Thumbs up on the chicken nuggets thumbs down on the chicken patty Definitely saying company but not made the same and that's what's the problem They screwed up the chicken patty😩why …………..

  5. I do like these videos but could you be a little clearer on your faves and why? it was hard to follow which was which and which one tasted the most like chicken. I have tried a lot of these like the gardein sliders and strips but some of the others I had never heard of. Could you rate them at the end best to worst or something? that would be helpful.

  6. These are good to transition to vegan but they are as bad as any highly processed food with harmful ingredients full of additives and preservatives such as msg(yeast extract), maltodextrin, etc. I was getting huge and bloated from eating these until i realized what was in it. Maltodextrin for instance spikes your sugar levels similar to sugar. I will never buy Gardein and most vegan processed foods until they get their act together and clean their ingredients.

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