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  1. Been making this for 7 years now ..its my chilli to blow away meatards..bit sad to know now that u weren't in a happy place back then ,happy ur happy now ..vegan power ONE LOVE

  2. New to your channel and found this throwback. Such a great idea to use espresso and dark beer! Will make this in my instant pot. PS more IP recipes, please!!!! And soy curls, if you would. :))))

  3. I know this is an old video but omg I love this girl. Shes hilarious and just a breath of fresh air from the other more serious vegan channels! Im just sad I didnt discover this channel sooner!

  4. you could also use brown sugar instead of the maple syrup, and add jalepenos! but the espresso is interesting…..i may leave out the beer though. not sure yet lol

  5. Why is vegan chilli so complicated? I can just get ground beef, chilli seasoning, beans, and tomato sauce nd make meat eatter chilli. Why can't vegan food be that simple?

  6. Just made this chili and it lasted all weekend. It was so good and filling. I can only imagine how much healthier in comparison to meat chili. Loving the vegan life

  7. I usually add TVP to my chili, but if you add 1 C of it, the chili will thicken right away, probably to the point you won't need to simmer it 1-2 hrs, if you're not going to add more liquid to it.  The TVP REALLY absorbs liquid, no matter how much you add to the TVP.  In fact, I made some chili the other night.  Started off with about 1 C water, and added about 1 C TVP, and it was thick already.  I had to keep adding water, because I didn't want the chili to be nothing but thick.  What I also do with TVP, though, is….I get "powdered" refried beans at Whole Foods.  I add TVP and water to the powder, and whatever other ingredients I'm in the mood for that day, and I make nachos.  I don't normally add beans to my chili.  Garlic, either.  But, I'm going to try this recipe soon, even though we are now out of the cold weather season.  Heck, chili is good, no matter the season.

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