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  1. I stupidly bought roasted cashews by mistake, but I figured I'd try it, soaked them, and it came out really tasty (nothing like sour cream texture) but it was more like a spicy cashew tahini sauce lol.

  2. Can you make a vegan Wendy's frosty video? I'd love you forever. I'm craving one so bad but I don't want to pump my body with all of that gross cows milk and sugar in the original :(((

  3. I just had the weirdest thought:  Are vegans singlehandedly keeping the global cashew growing industry running? Ha!  I made cashew crema to have on some chilli bean and guacamole topped nachos today for lunch, and felt very smug knowing my coworkers had had cold cut sandwiches or Hot Pockets[smiles slyly].  Will try making this instead of what I made today next time I feel like nachos.  Thanks for posting!

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