Vegan Chocolate Pots | Jamie Oliver

These rich and romantic chocolate pots will wow your loved one this February 14th. Smooth, sweet and 100% vegan, this …


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  1. Thank you for using a spatula. I get so tired of watching cooking shows where they try to scrape bowls with a spoon. No, get a spatula!!! I would put raspberries with it. Mmmm.

  2. Yesterday I made this but with cottage cheese. So delicious. 😋😋😇 thank u very much for sharing easy n tempting recipes n plz do share easy, quick recipes too without eggs, meat, fish, etc too 👌👌🤟✌👏🇮🇳

  3. I saw another video where the recipe is almost similar. Now one of the commentators had mentioned that she had used firm tofu and added some plant milk to make it soft and creamier, so I think we can use firm tofu also. And she said that it was a hit with her guests.

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