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Buying vegan-friendly beauty products can be super tough! You never know what some of those scary ingredients mean!!! In this …


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  1. This was useful information, but also fun film making:  More of these, please!  I still crack up watching the beginning of your Vegan Feta Cheese video because it's so goofy.  I like the foodie seriousness of your blog, however.  Different strokes, for different folks.  All living inside me . . . .  Thanks for posting!

  2. i never use makeup period…..the only things i use are this:

    liquid soap
    toothpaste and tooth brush
    maybe some mouth wash like once a month
    oh yea and occasionally shaving cream…and a razor blade
    i take a multivitamin like maybe once a week but sometimes not for months at a time.
    i never take pills like asprin or anything……
    i have a drink or like wine or beer like once a year, just out of some situation like someone orders it at a restaurant.

    that's it……

    so 19 dollars would be what i spend per year on that kind of stuff…
    oh i forgot i get a hair cut like twice a year…….

    so everything combined would be 100 dollars per year……and i'm in perfectly preserved condition.
    i don't use sunscreen or any god damn thing…
    makeup gives me the creeps…but edgy veg is such a super nice, kind and important person that i would not be bothered by her using makeup because that would be the price of the company of such an outrageously beautiful fantastic girl.

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