VEGAN Dessert Recipe: Decadent Coconut Lime Cake Collab with The Icing Artist | The Edgy Veg

On this episode Candice collaborates with fellow YouTuber Laurie from The Icing Artist channel to show you how to make a …


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  1. What does "MELT LIME" mean?
    The directions say melt lime in a small saucepan over low heat remove from heat and pour into a mixing bowl etc

    Do you mean "heat the lime" because lime doesn't melt or am I thinking of something else or do you mean something else
    This is lime that you squeeze from a lime right?

    Going to make this cake really need exact instructions please respond please please thank you πŸ™‚

  2. Question time! Why do some American people (mostly white girls I've noticed) "crack" their voices at the end of a sentence (I'm European)? In this video your crackish behavior seems to intensify when you're interacting with that other lady who cracks the shiitake out of her words O_o! Example time! 3:34 " All of a sudden you cut into the cake and it just like POOF, this bigrr airrrrbrrrublerrr trrhat's wrrrhat trrrhat's frrrrrrrrorrrm" Hmmmm, I wonderrrrrrrrrr….
    PS, no shade-insky plus that cake looks like it's made for my belly, lol!
    Sorry, "brrrrelllrrryyyyrrrrr" ;b

  3. MMMmm!! I love ISA'S CAKES!! <3 This cake is perfection on a …cake..stand.. XD

    btw, I emailed you about something decidedly not so delicious… <3 LOVE YOU, CANDICE. JAMES, YOU ARE ALSO COOL.

  4. I have faith in you! Cooking is an art, they told us in cooking school, but baking is a science. The good thing about that is, if you follow a recipe to the letter, it turns out. You make a recipe right a few times, and before you know it, your confidence is high enough that you become a pretty good baker. And people are very impressed with home made baked goods. Beautiful cake; thanks for posting : )

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