Vegan Desserts That I’ve Been Making Now That I’m Single & Eating Alone

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  1. I just make full servings of desserts, and bring most of it into work and share it with my coworkers. Just last week, I made tiramisu, and I already have the stuff to make it again. I know it's not vegan, since it has egg yolks and cream and condensed milk, but I really like it. I had a lot of time on my hands this past Autumn, and I really wanted tiramisu. I looked at the grocery stores, and found things like tiramisu cake, but no plain tiramisu. So I just looked on here and found a recipe and it turned out pretty good. I think people liked how they could taste the Kahlua I put in it too lol

    I am lucky to still have my mom, and I've been really conscious of that since my Dad passed away last summer. I make dinner for her and myself sometimes. I can't think of anything I usually make that's vegan, but it's definitely not on purpose lol I never really thought about how many foods have animal products in them. If that was one of the goals with this channel, then well done!

  2. If you use any oil for anything, i was reading reviews of Pecan Oil, and it seems to be a preferred oil for baking, pancakes, stir fries, etc…If in America, someone said they like 'Guidry's Organic Cold Pressed Pecan Oil' the best, but it's pricey, at over $23 per 8 oz., in case you want to try…i just got some and it looks good, clear, uncontaminated, and doesn't smell rancid…i can't comment on using it yet though…🌺

  3. I've been subscribed to you for a long time & have always had all notifications on. I haven't gotten any notifications on your videos for at least 3 months. What's going on?

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  5. Everything looks delicious! The tart looks like it would be a great base for other recipes as well. I used to make a coconut cream pie, banana cream pie, and key lime pie. I was sad to no longer make those recipes when I went vegan. I am sure The cream tart recipes could be altered a bit to make something similar to what I miss. 🙂

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