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This pizza broke the internet and I tried making it…Is this the weirdest food combo you’ve ever seen? Let’s see if I can make the …


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  1. I've had a cream based pizza before that had chicken and mushroom on top. It's apparently a thing from an area of Italy. Would love to Veganise that

  2. I can’t wait to try this!! I just need to find a good vegan gluten free dough recipe first.
    I’m so damn excited… I loooove pickles.
    When you said, “byyyyeee” I said “baaiii” and almost waved. 😂
    This is my Friday or Saturday “Drink alone with my cat” meal for (hopefully) next week.
    Now, Big Mac pizza… I’m so ready for that. 🤤

  3. i always eat Pickled cucumber mustard hotdog sausage on my pizza then vegan mayo a hotdog ketchup and fried onion and a bit of sauerkraut

  4. Okay. I'm Italian and I've been very conservative with my pizza choices (as conservative as a vegan can be about pizza) and I really love pickles. I want to hate this but I know I'll make it and probably enjoy it too. But this is were I draw the line. I hope this won't make me try pineapple pizza.

  5. It would be a lot of work for me. I would have to find sugar free pickles, and a sugar free dough. If I don’t find them, then I will have to make all the ingredients. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

  6. Hell pizza in NZ has had a pizza with pickles on it forever. They have heaps of vegan options now days too. Their refried bean pizza is the best though.

  7. We had a pizza place here that had an Impossible slider pizza for a while that was Impossible burger broken up, red onions, cheese, pickles, and a mustard drizzle. It was SO good. I always put pickles on my homemade pizza now. All the pickles all the time

  8. I will try it because I love pickles. It definitely reminds me of an open face panini so I bet you could add more veggies or vegan meat as well. Weird is good 🙂

  9. I always order at Papa John’s…all the veg except olives & jalapeños, no cheese on my pizza & when they had cheese burger pizza, they had pickles, so good on pizza!!!

  10. I really thought you said goose cheese the second time. I knew you really didn't but I laughed anyway. 10/10 would try. And definitely with your cheese since I have your cookbook and have no idea where to find goose cheese. Lol!

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