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  1. I'm not a vegan and what's funny is I was telling my husband that I would try vegan dishes and if there were vegan style of three dishes that are my favorite. Eggs Benedict, fettuccine alfredo, and tiramisu. I am going to try this version of eggs Benedict.

  2. If you have heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, are over weight or suffering from poor health, do not eat this. This is more like Vegan fast food and there's nothing healthy about this meal at all.

  3. Your cooking videos are so much fun! I just subscribed after watching a few back to back. I'm a new vegan… only 3 months in, and I've been experimenting with some vegan cooking lately and trying to branch out from my norm foundation of quinoa and beans. My question is though, do you ever make healthy stuff? I don't mind eating the vegan junk food every now and then, but I like the majority of my diet to be plant-based, healthy, and oil free. I mean… no prob if you don't, I still thoroughly enjoy your videos and won't unsubscribe if you never showcase healthy. Just looking for someone with more expertise in vegan cooking that I can actually relate to and you fit the bill.

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