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If I’m not being too cheesy, could you help me get 200 likes on this Greek badboy? Today I make faux (vegan) Greek feta cheese, …


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  1. Wtf! That was totally offensive! I mean would you fry tofu and then tug on the corners of your eyes and sing 'me Chinese' wth is wrong with you? Meanwhile you've got Italian music playing.

  2. I've watched a zillion recipes veganizing every possible ethnic food from pad thai to pizza to Italian meatballs to curries to British pork pies and stuff. Honestly it's the first time I see heinous comments coming from Greeks who ask a youtuber to go die or to stop insulting one's culture and cuisine and national pride and alphabet… and all that over a f****ing vegan cheese recipe and a funny video. WTF Greek people stop being so butthurt every time someone uses the word Greek ! PS: I am Greek born in Greece. Thanks so much for this recipe Candice!

  3. i would like to hear a eastern european's opinion on this cheese (taste and texture wise) because as an albanian i feel like if i try this it will be a waste because i don't think the ingredients used would actually taste anything like feta

  4. This is just ridiculing our culture and it's obvious you don't even have a clue about it. Somebody has to tell you that the music you used as background is italian and that the writing you used is not even Greek. Typical attitude having an opinion without having a clue. Stop ridiculing our culture. You are nowhere near funny. You are just offensive. Do you tend to do that with all ethnicities? Chaviest video I've seen so far and chaviest person on youtube.

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