VEGAN FRENCH ONION DIP | Easy Vegan Party Food | French Onion Dip Recipe | The Edgy Veg

Make the famous Ruffles French Onion Dip recipe vegan! This vegan version of the popular ruffles chip dip recipe is super …


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  1. Thank you! I'm doing a whole food, plant based dietary lifestyle, so this recipe hits that. I will just omit the "mayo" as it's usually full of oil and other processed ingredients.

    This is great for veggie trays, homemade pita chips, etc. Thank you again!!

  2. Hello! This is my first on this channel, and I could not be more thankful. Being pregnant and craving french onion dip but can’t consume dairy products is like a nightmare! So glad I found this channel I will try to make this dip. I’m so excited and wait! Thank you so much for posting will be back again!

  3. M’y friend just had chips and dip for the first time today 😂 and I’m on my way to being fully vegan so I am so happy I found this video! I want to make it and make my own chips 🙂 mmm

  4. I just found your videos and I thank you for being so positive! I follow a lot of wonderful zero-waste/eco-friendly/veggie/vegan, lovely people on ig or youtube and each one has a special personality and always great advice… I absolutely love you already! Thanks for sharing this recipe and all your videos! =)

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