Vegan Fudge Recipe | Collab w/ Jenny Mustard | Easy Vegan Dessert |The Edgy Veg

Watch Jenny Mustard’s Video: Learn how to make the best vegan fudge ever!


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  1. 03:03 Have you tried the refrigerator and a chocolate coating and rice or eating paper?
    Oh and some arabian or good grocery shops have better dates in the refrigerated section, because the dry ones have to be cut open and you have to carefully inspect them unless you want some unwanted surprises.
    It probably works with dry figs and peanuts too.

  2. I feel like this could use just a touch of cacao powder because I'm used to fudge being chocolatey, but it still looks REALLY good.

  3. Love the old timey music to accompany the old timey recipe and the old timey anecdote about the old timey Wind at My Back-like town where people make fudge forever . . . this was a great idea from Jenny made all your own with the whimsically pretty tea party vignette at the end. Thanks for posting : )

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