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Today on The Edgy Veg, I’m going to show you how to make an easy vegan hot pot recipe! This vegan hot pot recipe is made with …


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  1. This isn’t “hot pot” but the soup looks great. Traditionally, hot pot is a large pot of broth (sometimes spicy) that is kept simmering at the middle of the table and is surrounded by meats, tofu, veggies, rice cakes, noodles, and many more things. and everyone puts into the pot what the want to cook/eat and then they pull it out when it’s done and enjoy. This usually done for holidays or celebrations or when friends or family haven’t seen each other in a long time as it is a way for people to be involved and catch up on what’s going on in this lives

  2. Thank you for all the detail you actually spoke that's very important for vegans like myself who are blind yes screen readers and different adaptive services does work with YouTube but it's not always accurate this recipe sounds amazing and I was just trying to figure out what's going to be for dinner tonight

  3. I was psyched to see this recipe in my in box this afternoon and then even more so since I have everything it calls for… YEAH!!!! Going to go whip it up for dinner! Oh btw I made your Turkey Seitan for Thanksgiving… DELISH… the whole family LOVED IT!!! Kudos! Wishing everyone a Fabulous evening!!!

  4. It would’ve made more sense to call it an Asian inspired soup the way hot pot is supposed to be served and prepared and the fact that every person has a customized pot is Important that’s what makes it hot pot and not just soup!!

  5. Seems like an interesting dish. It would have been nice of you to speak a bit more knowledgeable about the dish considering you were making, from what it seems like, a cultural dish. I can see why some people are offended. It's small things like this that show how much respect we genuinely have/ or not for other cultures. And I think those who are saying well what's the big deal, or get over it, clearly are speaking from a place of privilege. I generally love your videos, heck I even own your cookbook. But please do make more of an effort when speaking of things related to other's cultures different than your own.

  6. I was really expecting a Lancashire Hot Pot and I got so confused when you mentioned soup. (Lancashire Hot Pot is more like a casserole, definitely not a soup, and is a really hearty meal served around these parts.)

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