Vegan Huevos Rancheroes Recipe | The Edgy Veg

Learn how to make an easy vegan breakfast with this delicious huevos rancheros recipe, totally egg-free and dairy-free!! This vegan huevos rancheros is so …


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  1. Sorry if I'm repeating myself (I've asked like every vegan cooking channel I follow so if I already did here I'm really sorry!) but like, if you ever make a vegan version of the little debbie iced honey bun (my favorite food ever!) I thought about brushing the sides with a mixture of like agave, cinnamon and vegg before rolling it up because the perfect honeybun is just so slightly under cooked that you can taste the egg in it a little but it's really sweet and gooey and dense and delicious! I'm sorry ^///^ that's just the food I miss most since going vegan and I'm not very good at baking.

  2. I missed it–what is the light brown food smack dab in the center of this plate?  Is that the ranchero sauce?  Because, while this meal looks gorgeously delicious, it seems to be missing that part.  Thanks!

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