In today’s vegan food taste test, we sat down to try some vegan ice cream flavours that you guys have suggested in the comments.


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  1. If you ever come to Calgary stop by Made by Marcus. They always have vegan chocolate fudge and monthly new flavors. I will be loading up my freezer with the March flavor: Vegan Lemon Saffron Cheesecake.. it is unreal.

  2. i’ve never tried the cherry garcia ben and jerry’s one but the ones that i have tried from them tasted very watery to me? so i’m surprised you described it as creamy, maybe the base is different

  3. Target's Archer Farms vegan ice cream is really good. They have flavors like vanilla cake/cookie dough and strawberry fudge. But my current favorite is Ben and Jerry's sunflower butter milk and cookies. The best flavor from nada moo is the rockiest road. If you are ever in Austin TX there's an awesome vegan place called Sweet Ritual. Their ice cream is hands down the best ever, but you can't buy it in a grocery store. 🙁

  4. For a simple vanilla the SoDelicious is the best one out there! The Ben/Jerry's new Netflix and Chill is great! Their new sunflower butter milk and cookies is also super good!!

  5. sadly I have not seen any of those here in the uk except the Ben and Jerry's
    I love rich Rice Dream milk, it is my fave not dairy milk, so surprised the desert is so bad.

  6. Great video – thanks for sharing! New plant-based YouTuber from Austin, TX here. Just posted an oat milk ice cream taste test on my channel. Check it out! I would love your help in reaching 100 subscribers. 🌵

  7. So Delicious icecreams are Fantastic. I wish they paid me in cartons of the Snickerdoodle to say that to everyone I meet because, omg, it's awesome. And, yall are totally right, its all about the cashew milk icecreams, although the coconut mint chip is fantastic.

  8. There is no other comparison so far…than So Delicious Cashew Cream…ANY flavor!!! Thank you for confirming this!!! I need to stock up on this shit before we are on lock down!!!
    I would not recommend any other brand or flavor to a non vegan…except right now….so they don't hoard it all! Non vegans are hoarding all of our normal vegan foods now because they're running out of they're normal shit food.

  9. Lol I tried Nada Moo for the first time, the Rocky Road flavor, yeah flavor is mild and ok but texture is ehhhh. Definitely love Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough and So Delicious WAY BETTER!! Can’t wait for part 2, I’m curious about Halo Top and the other non-dairy ones I haven’t tried

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