In today’s vegan ice cream taste test, we tried some of the most top rated vegan ice creams on the market. We talk flavour, texture, …


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  1. WhaaaAT!! I LOVVVVVVE HAAGEN DAZS PEANUT BUTTER CHOCOLATE SWIRLS.,…OMG I am so mad I can't find it anywhere!!! I think they discontinued it🥺 I loVe the saltiness with the sweet chocolate….to each his own… thanks for the vid!!

  2. I think im the only one that doesn't like ben and jerry's like yeah the chunks are good but their base ice cream is just flavorless and not good to me. the only one i like is the netflix and chill one haha. also ive been trying to find the haagen dazs ice cream since it came out and i thought they just discontinued it lol

  3. i looooove So Delicious cashew base and oat base. but their coconut base freezes so weird and doesn’t taste as good. I also LOVE Oatly! do you have Oatly ice cream in Canada? it’s the only one i’ve tried that doesn’t have to thaw forever lol

  4. ahhhhh all of the cashew based So Delicious ice creams are just great. The vanilla and the chocolate ones are just by far the best.

  5. Wonderful YouTube show concept, looking very forward to getting your book soon 🌼💫 your really doing the most effective vegan/vegetarian life change options and ideas approach I've ever seen, many are very good I would agree.. but you have a warm compassion for the viewer and ture love of cooking. Thank you more 🙏💕

  6. At 17 in, you made lol hard enough to cough. "NO; that's trash." Thanks!

    I have e only done a handful of my own Vegan product rating videos. In mine, I don't tend to always compare similar products, but it's always at least two items. I have a five point rating system, with five areas I rate. Those are 1) affordability, 2) taste/texture, 3) usefulness as a replacement for the animal product for which it is an analogue, 4) nutrition, and 5) allergens present/absent. These are from a few years ago; so far, I have only made maybe five or so, just after I was widowed, so there are also a few widower videos on "What to Expect When You're Not Expecting." I would love it if people could give me some feedback on the Vegan products vids. I would do more videos if I had enough subs to monetise, but I have less than two dozen subs currently, so… My videos are extremely home made, with a phone, often in a bathrobe. (Hey, I was a recent widower; I needed to feel comfy.) My own, small content aside, I also have publicly visible my subscription list, including, you, Ms. Edgy Veg, as well as a cadre of archived videos of various categories in Sciences, Music, and of course, Recipes. Not all are Vegan recipes, but the very few that aren't are only there, because they are easily made so with faux meats/cheezes. I welcome people to peruse it all, as well as give me critiques on my content, just please, y'all, be kind. I have remarried, but my life is definitely not yet peaches and Plant Based cream. I'm just a poor, middle aged guy, with health issues, and a mortgage I can't afford, and a new husband who himself may have cancer. (I sure can pick 'em.)

    Candace, you're videos always make my life better. Always. My birthday was yesterday, the 21st of May, and my sister's would have been tomorrow, the 23rd, only she died of cancer surgery complications in 2018, barely over a year after my first husband dropped dead at my feet, so, I need all the positivity I can find. Otherwise, I just get so tired of… not being someone like you, with beauty, youth, friends, and stability. I'm still here, tho. I'm not giving up. #Vegan4Life

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