Vegan Ice cream taste test with Rachel David

Rachel David joins Candice on this special episode of The Edgy Veg for a taste test of many of the well known Vegan Ice Cream …


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  1. I may be in the minority, but I actually am not a huge fan of the non-dairy ben and jerry's! I find it has a bit of an odd flavor and texture. My favorite brands are definitely Trader Joes' coconut milk ice cream (I've only had the chocolate) and NadaMoo! I'm not sure if NadaMoo is available at all near Canada, as it's an Austin-based company and I live in Austin, but it is amazing.

  2. Coconut bliss has the best vegan ice cream. Its so much creamier than the other brands in stores. I found the best Vegan Ice cream of all time in New york and since then nothing else compares.

  3. Coconut Bliss is so friggin good! Chocolate peanut butter is my favorite from them. Also, So Delicious has a snickerdoodle cashew ice cream that is to die for!!

  4. I've always avoided vegan ice cream because I have only seen soy ice creams and I'm severely allergic to soy…. I have to try that coconut one!! ( as long as it has no soy…)

  5. Try the so delicious almond milk almond and mocha bars. Those are legit. Every single non-vegan I have shared that with thought it was dairy icecream!

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