VEGAN JAPANESE EGG SALAD Sandwich (This Tastes like EGGS!)

TRY MY UP-TO-DATE VEGAN RECIPES↓ Vegan Japanese Egg Salad: …


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  1. I feel like I live at the end of the earth🤪….. We have none of the stuff I see being eaten… Unless I pay the price of a house to have it imported.


  2. I've never heard of Ackees before. Side note: when we were kids we referred to 💩 as ackee. Lol No clue where that started from. Parents?🤷🏻‍♀️🤔

  3. If it tastes exactly like a egg do need to make this. I got my cholesterol down to what my doctor wants. And I'm paranoid about eating eggs as its controversial whether or not it will raise it. Plus I have my own reasons not wanting to eat eggs a lot. My own hang-up.

    But if this can give you the egg flavor, I could finally have my favorite egg salad which is something I really love.

  4. Id love to try it but ackee is just SO expensive! Seriously here in the U.S a can averages $9-12 and that was the price even four years ago.

  5. Lol! I wouldn’t call Ackee a good egg replacement …it’s a fatty fruit. Been eating it my whole life. My parents are Jamaican..low in protein. Did u add tofu? 🤔 I’ve watched it a few times to figure it out. I can’t believe u boiled & blended it. Never seen that before. It’s usually sautéed to preserve that texture.

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