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  1. Nice attempt from Tasty and awesome that they made everything from scratch!
    Just some thoughts:
    1) I'd pulse the mushrooms first, then the walnut mixture, then the ricotta so you don't have to keep washing the food processor.
    2) I wouldn't put tomato sauce on top because it gives it that strange pink colour that's kinda gross and uninviting.
    3) Cook the tomato sauce with the actual 'meat' sauce so the flavours combine. That way you don't have to bother par-boiling the pasta, because the sauce straight on top has enough moisture to cook them fully in the oven.
    4) Lastly, top the lasagne with vegan with melted vegan cheese! To make: add shredded vegan cheese of your choice to a pan on medium heat. Add water or plant-based milk (soy milk or oat milk would work best), add dried herbs like oregano and parsley, add a little salt and stir until full melted together. (If you want it extra stretchy, add some tapioca starch/flour to the mix and make sure you cook it properly so there's no flour taste). Pour mixture on top of the lasagne before putting it in the oven. Enjoy!

  2. How is this vegan though? I thought vegans don't eat pasta, because of the eggs in it. I got vegan guests coming over and wanted to make my special vegetarian lasagna, but I can't use the pasta. Are these vegan pasta sheets?

  3. I noticed American lasagnes use ‘ricotta’ whereas European ones stick to a bechamel. (Never knew this until I saw Merle & Rachel’s vs. Video… kept thinking “why are they making their white sauce so complicated?” 😅)

  4. This lasagna worked out really well and my husband and three kids all enjoyed it a lot!! I think I'll try it again. I was just a little confused about the tomato sauce and noodles…. 2 cups and 1 box split between the whole recipe?

  5. I would like to add. It’s fine not to like something, but how you respond says a lot about a person. If someone is unwell, and this can happy to anyone, this kind of food, will increases your chances of getting better by a very long way.

  6. The tofu ricotta is beyond amazing. I would make that as a dip for chips and stuff. Sadly, I think the ‘meat’ mixture has put me off mushrooms for life. It’s after leaving a vile aftertaste that’s still there 12 hours later and brushing my teeth twice hasn’t helped. Do try the ricotta tofu. So good!

    Edit: I feel bad because I’ve tried a few Tasty recipes and love them, but this was the first dud for me.

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