Vegan meal prep tips I WISH I knew before going vegan

Welcome back to my channel! Thanks so much for tuning in to my new Sunday videos! In today’s video we’re going through vegan …


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  1. Natural herbs from Dr Madida are healthy to treat and cure herpes virus  as it worked for me. Am so happy and grateful to Dr Madida for his help in curing me of my herpes virus.

  2. Thank you so much for showing how to slice with the food processor, I have one but I never use the slicer because I'm scared of slicing my finger instead and I never knew that was what you used the extra plastic thing for!

  3. I just KNEW you would have an edgy take on this topic…so glad I asked! 3 bases + 3 proteins + 3 greens + 3-4 veggies (1/2 roasted). + 3-4 sauces/dressings/dips = a TON of diverty flavorful, textural options for meals all week that promise not to be monotone. Yippeee!

  4. I back away from a :protein" protein us in broccoli, most veg, whole grains and yes legumes lentil and rice! Sure you can focus on protein. Pumpkin seeds higher in protein than tofu! Its more balanced meal if cooking for health reasons. If only for taste…its balance of taste, flavors, textures and mouth feel!

  5. I’m the only vegan in my house so I tend to make 2 proteins and 2 carbs and 2 veggies and then mix and match through out the week. It saves me time and money. I tend to have the same 2 breakfasts all the time and just have those ingredients all the time.

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