Vegan Mexican Street Corn | Vegan ELOTES + CORN DIP | Vegan Mexican Food

I love Mexican Food and really wanted to expand what Mexican Food I can eat by making it Vegan! Here are 2 ways to enjoy …


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  1. I'm always blown away at what talented chefs like yourself do.. your one of the best I've seen 💖 and your very enjoyable to listen to 🌟

    Two of my best vegan (natural medicine) things is:
    1. Ginger Root & Lemon tea,
    Fresh ginger Root from the market and lemon.. doing water composition change by channeling emotions into the water I boil with lemon juice swishing into the water.. then slice up some ginger Root and bring to a boil.. give thanks for the healing tea 💫
    2 . Fresh Garlic & Cucumber (on empty Stomach)
    Smash a fresh clove of garlic and let stand for over 1 minute.. before you eat anything, eat that with a bottle of water handy.. change composition of water while swooshing down the garlic.. have a fresh Cucumber slice or two to put on your tongue to take the taste and garlic smell out of your mouth.. Cucumber has the ability to do that and it feels fresh

    These things have been great for me but I'm only not eating meat for 4 years, not 100 % vegan from the cheese I use, but only know simple vegan things.. your so wonderfully diverse and like your way of being when your sharing these amazing dishes 🙏💐

  2. If anyone is interested in more Mexican vegan recipes you can look at ‘cocina vegan fácil’ YouTube channel. The lady makes a lot of traditional Mexican dishes vegan. My mom and I are Mexican and we were so happy to find her channel lol. If Candice was able to recreate some of her recipes that would be really cool 😁

  3. Just an FYI, Dora's Table (here on YT) has a recipe for vegan cotija (yep, you pronounced it right). I think she also has a recipe for a vegan crema. I loved eating elotes when I was older. Instead of chili powder, I use Tajin seasoning when I make mine.

  4. First of all. No one uses sour cream. It's always Mayo. Second of all, Google Esquites. You did not invent a "salad" out of the ingredients.

    "I like to add Mayo because the sour cream is bland", no it is MADE with Mayo. That is what it is.

    My goodness.

  5. I have never had mexican elotes but I ate street corn in Croatia and it was delicious. It was quite simple with only salt, pepper, paprika and chilli flakes but it tasted great. Im loving the look of that dip! 😍

  6. Love your recipe! This is very similar to the way I make my elote en vaso. As for the mayo/crema debate, it usually depends on what area of town you are buying from and in what city in Mexico. Mayo is typically cheaper than crema, but either one or a combination of both are correct. Every Mexican knows authentic means the way your mom or grandma made it. There are many adaptations for every dish out there, including Mexican fare.

  7. WHAT IS THAT? That is not even nearly a Mexican street corn 😭 the real ones just have mayo, cheese and chile del que pica y del que no pica. It doesn’t have cilantro! Wtf.🙂🇲🇽
    But it looks nice and is vegan so… maybe I’m going to try it.

  8. You can just do mayo and follow your heart parmesan. Cotija is similar to parmesan. In fact the follow your heart parmesan tastes more like cotija than parmesan. Not the shreds the shaker one.

  9. A really good way to keep cilantro fresh is to put a clean cut on the ends of the bunch and the store it I. A glass with some water, kind of like flowers in a vase. I just change the water every day or 2 and put a clean cut on the ends when I change the water! Love your recipes😘

  10. Mexican street corn = White corn, butter, mayo (not sour cream), cheese, chili and lime (optional). You can have it on the cob or in a cup. Your corn looks really good too!!! Ever since I became vegan I just have it with mayo because I can’t find the cheese replacement. 🙁 Maybe you can show us how to make vegan cotija or queso fresco. 😀

  11. Your take on this seems really tasty, but a side note: Mexican street corn is not sweet, and the yellow corn you used seems like it’s the sweet kind and if you ever want to try a similar taste to the chili powder we use I think you can find it on amazon it’s called “tajin” i mean it’s not the actual one they use but closest haha.
    Id love to see you do more of this videos 🙂 avantgardevegan does this a lot too.

  12. As far as the mayo and sour cream – “Mexican street corn” DOES NOT come with sour cream, only mayo! And the corn salad is called ‘esquite’.

  13. Going to start off by saying I typically love your videos but I do have some constructive criticism.

    Like many of my Mexican brothers and sisters I wanted to emphasize its mayo not sour cream, we typically don’t use cilantro. I know cilantro is “very Mexican” but we don’t throw it on everything.

    Many street vendors sometimes use store bought parm, at least they did in Los Angeles, Crenshaw area for reference because it’s cheap.

    Recipe two, which Americans and most white people would call “deconstructed street corn” (which is a bit annoying because) but it has a name, it’s called esquite.

    For heat it’s typical to add something like Valentina hot sauce or tapatío or even Tajín chili lime powder.

    This is totally your take but it would be wise to title your video “My take on Mexican Corn – vegan” because some of the info isn’t factual.

    Again, love your videos but felt it necessary to mention for some people that aren’t Mexican that may follow this recipe video.

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