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Grab a snack and eat with me! I ordered a bunch of vegan comfort food from Apiecalypse in Toronto, and sat down to answer …


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  1. I decided to be totally plant-based after watching Meet Your Meat about 15 years ago. Anyone that could watch that video and still choose to not be plant-based is way too hardcore for me. I don't want to know those people.

  2. I don’t blame you for not wanting to move to the states. I’m watching this during rona times and it’s only getting worse. I want to move to Canada lol

  3. I liked this video. I’m so slow; I didn’t realize that you had your lip filled. I cracked up when I saw the “plzzzz” at the bottom of the video from your pup begging for food.

  4. CANDICE , THERE IS NO SAFE COUNTRY….GOOD SOULS ARE EVERYWHERE AND SO ARE BAD…what goes inside of you, your heart, you will make an impact everywhere…if you do things out of love…mock all you want but CHRIST IS LOVE…PERIOD…bad home life doesn't mean go off the wall somewhere else,  your parents probably had to go through crap themselves…and  oh yes, I do know what i'm talking about…I AM PRAYING FOR YOU.

  5. OMG you did it so naturally, I like it, love it. Didn't yawn once, you're amazing. I feel a lot like you about most of the stuff u said. Just keep doing your best.

  6. I live in the US. As a POC, yeah scared to live here too and I grew up here. It's gotten really bad in the last 2 years :/ I've never experienced such rampant racism and sexism directed at me. But honestly, fuck those people and if they want to say something to me (and when they do), I won't be silent.

    Also, going to Canada in February, AND I CANNOT WAIT I'M SO EXCITED!

  7. WHY do I torture myself by watching this?! 😩 I swear I could smell the vegan pizza when you showed it off! I’ve also never had vegan mozzarella sticks or vegan poutine. I’m so jelly!

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