Grab a snack and eat with me! Today I am being joined by my friend, and sensuality coach Suzanna to answer all of your …


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  1. Eat healthy… you get that.. or else i ain't supportin you kinda vegans.. stop that coke.. you understand ..coke is sugar and it'll get you stroke and heart attack and then people will be like.. " o vegan diet got her stroke".. what's wrong with eating home cooked food..
    I'm really unsubscribing if you don't keep yourself healthy.. you're an influencer and if people followed you and ate the way you do.. it won't be good

    By the way.. healthy doesn't always mean oats
    Cooked food is kinda imoortant

    Why do you want your health to deteriorate … you really want your before and after pictures…and then people blaming the noble diet for all the health destruction you yourself have caused

  2. Thank you. I have a beautiful vegan man kind of flirting with me over the past couple of weeks on messenger. He announced tonight that he is in an open relationship. I am 15 years older than him. There are many, many idealistic things swirling around in my head. You two, from a woman's perspective (although much much younger than me) are opening up my poor little mind. Thank you. I'm trying.
    I've sworn to myself I cannot date a non vegan. Just can't go there. My fridge and freezer are packed with everything BUT animal parts. So…that's a definite NO.

  3. I have lived a virtuous lifestyle most of my life,now I'm 32 a virgin, and in all my years I've have never felt repressed are forced to stay in a mold.Of course I've had sexual urges which is normal but I keep them in check .I do it because I believe in it and it's important to me and my faith(I'm a nondenominational Christian) .I just wanted to say there are many woman who feel liberated through modesty as well. Like why does a woman have to show more skin to feel liberated when many men live liberated lives without so much as showing their legs? You know? Liberation I believe is confidence in yourself whether you have on a paper bag or you're single dating no one or wearing a beautiful dress,loving yourself and have dignity in who your are is key to me.

  4. “I’ve had conversations with people…who would express anger towards me for having struggles and insecurities” yes THANK YOU. This happened to me all the time as a young person and it feels so good to be seen, even all these years later💕💕💕

  5. Can I just say thank you for blessing us with this AMAZING COOKBOOK!! I love it and so do my subbies!! Still trying a few recipes off camera, can't give away your whole book lol!!

  6. I relate to Suz SO MUCH, with depression after seeing photos of myself and stress about getting ready. Self Love has been a game changer, love this<333 thanks ladies

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