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Can you help me get to 200 likes on this video? They’re here, my easy melt-in-your mouth vegan peanut butter cookies recipe.


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  1. Himalayan salt is between 95 and 98% sodium chloride. Your better off having sodium iodine, which has iodine, which is good for your thyroid, and spending the money you saved on real food like fruits and veggies which have much more vitamins and minerals than Himalayan salt.

  2. Ok, so I followed this recipe and I then went off trail. I did that mainly because I didnt have all the ingredients.

    I ran out of pb, so i subbed for homemade almond butter.
    Didnt have the molasses, so i subbed for half date syrup and half agave.

    I then scooped them to bake them.
    Then I tried rolling and cutting them.

    Baked at 350 for 13 mins exactly! Let them sit on the pan for 1 to 2 mins. Then removed to place on the chill rack.

    These little guys are tasty!!! Crunchy slighty crisp exterior, chewy soft centers.

    Finally a youtuber whose recipe isnt s#%t.

    Thank you Candace.

  3. These are okay, I can dig them but my family doesn't. I guess I'm still on the hunt! They do however taste like they're a lot healthier cookies which is why I'm enjoying them. They came out a bit dry; I'd recommend adding almond milk in addition to these ingredients.
    The ingredients I chose to use was coconut flour, maple syrup I added a bit more than called for texture, coconut sugar, and greased the pan with coconut oil. I did add about a tablespoon of almond milk but I'd recommend adding more. I placed half the cookies on a rack and the other stayed on the pan and out if the oven. The half that I cooled down on a rack after baking were good. The ones that stayed on the hot pan I didn't like as much.

  4. I'm making these, I already have all the ingredients so this is happening 😊
    I'm really enjoying your channel, love your videos 💚 I'm still a noob at the vegan lifestyle so recipes like this are super exiting 😀

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