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  1. I am going to try to make the bark, with both the chocolate and white chocolate.  But, instead of making two barks, I think I am going to try doing half chocolate, and half white chocolate.  This is the first "candy" recipe I have seen you make.  I recently purchased vegan caramel candy, and I am trying to duplicate the recipe.  So, I watched videos to see what ingredient measurements I would need, and how to make it.  I used xanthan gum to give the candy firmness.  I am using a copper pot, but in the videos I watched, no one used a copper pot.  I can't get the sugar&water mixture to hit the 240*, plus the sugar mixture won't turn the amber color it's supposed to turn at this temp.  Then, when the milk&butter are added, the mixture is supposed to come to a rolling boil, and turn brown.  Needless to say, both times I have made the caramel, it hasn't turned out. So, I'm going to try the recipe again, using a stainless steel pot, because I am wondering if using the copper pot is the reason the candy isn't turning out.  Is this something you would be interested in trying to make in a video?

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