Vegan Portuguese Custard Tarts | Making Pasteis De Nata Vegan!

Today’s video is all about making traditional Portuguese Custard tarts vegan! Pasteis De Nata are one of my favorite pastries from …


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  1. Pls stop using “custard tart” as name of pastéis de nata! Is not made of custard in first place secondly is made double cream even if a vegan option! If you wanna call properly in English call: Portuguese tart. Otherwise it’s just disrespectful. Those read this comment Kindly spread this information.
    Many thanks
    A Português fella

  2. I can't see to get a browning of any sort on top. I also keep getting a film layer that looks rather dull. Any troubleshooting advice? I've made them 4 times. Tasty, but not as visually appealing as yours.

  3. Some things are much too sacred to be veganized…. unless the Portugese traditionally make Vegan versions of these tarts. I am all for eggless cake… but this can be a bit sad. Sorry, actually, you make this very INTERESTING.

  4. Weirdly, I have had these at various Chinese buffets around Knoxville, Tennessee over the years, and I never knew exactly what they were called. Obviously, this was when I was lacto-ovo. Whenever I eat at a Chinese buffet, I like to be able to finish off with just a tiny bit of something sweet. If I didn't have one of those custard tarts, I would break up peanut butter cookies, and some of those white, candy-coated peanuts, in a bowl, topping that with a combination of chocolate and butter pecan ice creams. As I can't do that anymore, you helping me out with this recipe is really cool. These also remind me a little bit of tres leches cake. So, you've got me thinking… Tres leeches tarts… hmmmm….

  5. I’m going to have to try this recipe! Avant- Garde Vegan channel made a version of this too. I think I’m gonna take a bit from each of your recipes and tips when I make it. Thank you! Looks amazing!

  6. whenever in a recipe video someone says "but it will taste like coconut" I'm like what's the problem? I use coconut milk/cream for almost all dairy substitutions, I love the slightly sweet flavor of coconut, whether if it's making a simple vegan sour cream (coconut cream+lemonjuice+salt) or desserts, it's the best option in my opinion, soy not fatty enough (yeah, I'm not a low-fat vegan lol)

  7. Hey girl, I've been watching you for about two years since I've become vegan and I love you and what you do for this community! I don't know if I'm reading this wrong or if you just were tired in the video, but I hope everything's okay. Sending much love!

  8. Omg. I love this one!
    Made it and the texture is so good.
    I just opened my own channel and if you can check it out it will mean the world to me.
    Thank you ❤❤❤

  9. Those look DELICIOUS!

    I wonder, if you add either lemon
    juice, lemon zest, or lemon essence
    to the custard mix, i bet it would be
    a great vegan lemon curd.

    Perfect for those tarts, or in a lemon pie.

  10. This recipe looks SOOOOO good! I think I would overflow the custard even more 😛
    I need a lot of B12 too keep my energy up as well, Herbalands Raspberry D3 + B12 is my fave <3

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