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  1. Vegan is very healthy and happy. I have been vegan for 50 years. I have not seen a doctor at all. I hope that foreign friends will come to Taiwan to eat vegan. I wish you vegan health and happiness. Any wish and good wish can be achieved.

  2. No I like regular cheeseburgers that stuff is nasty if I was going vegan I would need the fake meat to look taste feel smell like real meat and would want one for ever type of meat on earth and for them to cost less.

  3. Awesome idea! I'm definitely going to try this. In Australia we just call these 2minute noodles, but I'm pretty sure it's the same thing! (???)
    P.S. I love your skirt!!

  4. Actually impressed with the food hacks quality of this recipe; ten extra points for the ol' camera-in-the-pot trick.  The first time I saw the original meater recipe for this posted somewhere, I almost felt sick. Ah, Brooklyn is implicated. I knew it! Goddamn those people, with their perversion of instant noodles and profligate waste of cereal to make "flavored" milk. I think the ramen treatment here could be the base of another interesting recipe. I sense wild mushrooms and Asian greens will be involved, somehow . . . Thanks for posting![apologies for the saltiness]

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