Vegan Recipe: 7 Layer Taco Dip | Edgy Veg

Learn how to make a super huge party size vegan 7 layer dip perfect for any party!!! This is the best vegan Tex Mex party recipe …


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  1. An odd sensation:  I want this as badly as I want the guy I'm crushing on.  Mid-life crises are so confusing : )  Gonna make this when the premature freezies hit the Upper Midwest on the weekend.  Thanks for posting!

  2. Lovvvvvveeee your channel! Do you mind if I mention your youtube channel in my upcoming youtube video I've come here for a lot of my vegan recipes and would like to share ur page with others

  3. The thing I really love about you is that you're not only an amazing, vegan chef,  but you're also an amazing personality. You're just a pleasure to watch. Keep it up, Candice! I love yo' face <3

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