Vegan Recipe: Bounty Bars / Mounds Recipe | The Edgy Veg

Learn how to make vegan chocolate bars using just few simple ingredients. This easy dairy-free Mounds recipe is so simple and …


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  1. THANK YOU! My 16 month old is milk allergic and I have found that vegan recipes tend to be best because then I don't have to worry about milk being an ingredient. Now I have some ideas on little treats for her to have over the upcoming Christmas!

  2. Oh my goddess, Mounds bars are my absolute favorite candy of all time! And oh, how I have missed them…thank you, a million times, thank you!!! Just a quick question, can you please post the amounts of coconut and maple syrup/sugar to make the condensed milk? I can be clueless at times…thank you <3

  3. If you added a few drops of peppermint oil and made it round I guess this could also double as a York Peppermint Patty. I'm gonna make my Mound Bars in the morning. Thanks for idea of condensed coconut milk. Yum!

  4. Just made these.  Holy Cow.  Already ate half.  Feel sick but elated, like after naughty time with a very bad boy.  Will get fat if I don't pace myself, unlike as with naughty time with a very bad boy.  Thanks, again, for posting : )

  5. This was one of my faves before going Vegan. I love your videos and this one looks great, but what can we use to replace the condensed coconut milk? I know I'll be too lazy to make that, lol. You make the BEST vegan junkfood EVER, haha and sometimes you need a little comfort food. 

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