VEGAN RECIPE: Breakfast Poutine | The Edgy Veg

Learn how to make a dairy free & egg free breakfast poutine at home using simple vegan ingredients and my favourite egg …


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  1. Im vegetarian and thought i could never go vegan because of my love of eggs and breakfast foods, but the more videos i watch of yours, makes me feel that i could totally switch to Vegg and tofu! 🙂

  2. If you're eating this "bad" how come you stay so fit my dear? I think you exercise regularly or you don't eat this kind of food very often, do you?

    Just curious 😊😙

  3. Yum! I'm not Canadian, but I was actually just jonesing for some poutine today! If I may ask, what kind of "meat" did you use for your facon? Thanks for another great recipe, Candice!

  4. Cute outfit! Also, love how slightly, ever so slightly sarcy your observation about carnivores commenting, "Mmmm, bacon!" was : ) This is total vegan drunky food. Make this at 7 p.m. on a Saturday, and let it cool. Head down to the ol' watering hole at 9, summon the Barnivore app and get to it. Stagger in at 3 a.m., and after a doze, nuke this poutine at 4 a.m. and eat. Get a second wind and do dawn yoga with it. Sleep the sleep of the righteous until 2. There's nothing vegans can't do better! Thanks for posting : )

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