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  1. These were really easy to make and were really tasty. We froze some of ours and then took them out as needed to throw in with our veggie/potatoe stir fries and the like. Also cubed them and added them to our pasta sauces. Worked great. Thank you!

  2. Oh my gosh, I just made these and they are outstanding! It's a good thing because I made a double batch, haha! Instead of a stovetop steamer for 60 minutes I used the Instant Pot for 30. Worked wonderfully. Thank you for this wonderful recipe!

  3. Please, please research God's calendar in Genesis 1:14. Genesis 1:14 is not one of the ten commandments, but nevertheless, it is still a strict commandment from The Almighty to let the Sun, Moon, and Stars be for Days, Years, etc. We must walk as Christ walked; he kept God's commandments, he kept God's Calendar. Now, God has commanded us, along with the other nine commandments listed in Exodus 20, to keep His seventh day Sabbath holy, but not by man's calendar. It makes perfect sense too me that God's Holy Sabbath should be calculated and observe by God's Calendar. Saturday nor Sunday is the true Sabbath of God.

    Man has invented many things contrary to God and the Gregorian Calendar is one of them. It is a false system of time; it can change ANYTIME. For example, Sunday could become the seventh day around other parts of the world like it is in many countries today (the ISO 8601 calendar)…. then Saturday Sabbath Keepers will be worshiping on Sun-day like many today………However, God's Calendar does not change; it sits in the heavens where no man can tamper with it. The Gregorian Calendar is Man's mark, image and superscription.

    The Roman Catholic Church /Pope, other churches and organizations around the world are clasping hands to elevate a false rest day Sabbath. Every man, women, boy and girl will have to decide who he or she will follow: God's Holy Sabbath by God's Calendar or man's false rest day Sabbath by man's Calendar. By obeying and following man above God a person will in reality be worshiping Satan that gives power unto the beast (king/kingdom). I believe Satan will deceive many to take the mark of the beast through a Calendar controversy. Let us worship and obey Him that made heaven, earth, sea and all that is in them PEACE WITH LOVE

  4. Have you had the chance to check out Meatless Monday's oatmeal sausage recipe? It looks and tastes EXACTLY like breakfast sausage! There's a channel on here that goes by the name of "The Plant Eaters" and she reduces the amount of oatmeal and subs in rice and she also finishes off the patties in a ceramic pan with soy sauce to give it that brown sausage look. It's my favorite go-to recipe. I haven't worked with vital wheat gluten yet, but this recipe looks easy to do and very tasty! Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. you should really have typed vegan instead of vegetarian in the title. if this video hadn't started playing on it's own, i would've immediately clicked away in fear of seeing you crack open a nasty hen period DX

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