Vegan Recipe: Buffalo Chicken Caesar Wrap | The Edgy Veg

Who doesn’t like a good Chicken Caesar Wrap, especially a Buffalo Chicken Caesar Wrap? Candice takes this classic wrap to a …


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  1. Looks good I'm make it today it seems quick and easy to make so why not give it a try so I make it see how it goes and write another review to see how the taste 🙂

  2. I love watching food videos but sometimes I just want something "exciting" to watch. Your videos ALWAYS keep me interested. Your goofy humor is amazing and definitely the reason I love watching.

  3. oh my goodness! I just found your channel and I love how you don't treat vegan food or the vegan diet with the same kind of reverence that most vegan vloggers (vegan vloggers, vegan vloggers)
    do! You have a sense of humor about it and it's so gd refreshing and uplifting. Thank you!! Keep doing what you're doing!

  4. Hey Candice, I got a recipe suggestion for you: Buffalo Chik'n Fried Rice. I made it myself and I can guarantee it's great. =P

    5 Gardein Crispy Tenders OR similar chik'n product
    Day old rice (about 1-2 cups of rice depending on how much you want to make)
    1 cup frozen vegetables (carrots, peas, etc) OR fresh vegetables
    About a teaspoon or so of soy sauce
    Frank's Hot Sauce OR similar Buffalo hot sauce
    Earth Balance (just a bit; for the Buffalo sauce)

    Cook the Gardein in the oven to specified directions. In the mean time, heat up a wok and fry your rice. Add vegetables and cook til heated through/hot. Add soy sauce. Turn off the heat and pull out Gardein when it's done. In a microwave safe bowl, combine Earth Balance and Buffalo sauce. Heat for one minute. Incorporate EB in the Buffalo sauce. Dunk Gardein into the buffalo sauce.

    Remove and cube up the Buffalo chik'n. Mix into fried rice. Serve and enjoy!

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