Vegan Recipe: Cake Pops | The Edgy Veg

Can you help me get to 100 likes on this video? Your friendly neighbourhood cake pop maker is back with this easy vegan dessert …


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  1. All I learned by watching you is how to be obnoxious and gross you bake. This wasn't helpful at all.. Why can't people on you tube just be normal and bake? You're trying way too hard to be funny..

  2. I've only just found your channel tonight and I have to say, your recipes look amazing! You really are a Vegan Foodie genius! I can't wait to try them sometime. Keep on keepin' on! You're awesome πŸ˜€

  3. With all the important people like you It shouldn't be hard for people to go Vegan thanks for the help and the difference you make I am going Vegan with my eating habits for world Vegan day and then go from there!

  4. Your Chanel is my favorite on youtube! You've helped me so much with my transition to vegan. Would you please do a video on vegan ice cream or milkshakes please???^_^

  5. Thank you for your answear, much appriceted πŸ™‚ I see your point about saveing time, atleast if you dont bake alot and mix it fast by heart. Cakemixes arent sold in Sweden, they are launched from time to time, but only a few for bread stays,generally we dont like or trust them, thats why I didnt get why you use it. So thanks for letting me know πŸ™‚

  6. Why oh why are you useing cakemix? I dont get why people use that, its just floor, sugar, and bakeingpowder. Can anyone enlight me why you dont wanna use the raw (prolly lots cheaper) products? You'r really cute btw πŸ™‚

  7. Never would've found your channel if you had not added me as a contact. YES, as a vegan I've been trying to find recipes for the longest time, You are funny and informative xD LOVE YA!! <333333

  8. Thanks Daniel! lol, you should see the video bloopers too! … and you don't even want to know what stuff doesn't make it to the blooper reel. It's a sh*t show when I video these!

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