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If you love the new Fish and Chips vegan makeover, help me get to 500 likes! I love beer and I love pub-style food, the two usually go hand-in-hand don’t they?


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  1. Ok…so I tried this recipe and my picky eater 15year old REALLY liked it.. 👍🏾👍🏾. I had an issue with the middle not being as flaky as yours 😔😔. Do you think placing it in the oven for a few while I finish frying the others will help? Any suggestion is appreciated. 💋💋

  2. A Thank You Againg to Chinese Who bring The Spirit Part of those Fish's DYing in Haiti Time = Us Spoons it's to long to get same in the POT…But Those who Cooking don't Forget Us at FLORIDA…A Friend on Room #201 Name Ms BETHY Give Me That Brochure Before BP Oil Devastation..Writting already…And She Said to Me:Did you will share with Me Marie ?

  3. New vegan. Sounds delicious. What kind of beer did you use? It looks like Heineken? I just found out today that the beer I bought is not on the list of vegan beers from PETA. I drink beer once or twice a year. I was in the mood for a beer. Bought a pack of Corona my fav. Something told me to check if alcohol is vegan. Wish that something had talked to me before I bought it. 😂

  4. Being vegan is not hard work! At least not for me. Dealing with ignorant people can be though. ha
    This vegan fish and chips recipe is great!! It looks super tasty and I also loved that you used a Heineken. My go-to beer for when I want to feel yeasty. 😉

    Best wishes.


  5. I gonna put that aubergine with the marinade into a freezer bag and squeeze the air out before I lock it, so the aubergine is really covered all around mit marinade and not swim on top of it. 🙂

  6. I have cut down my meat intake over the past year.I am at the stage now where I have cut out all red meat and seafood and most dairy – other than minute amounts from milk say as by product in a roll – but so damn hard having an amazing Indian restaurant down the road that does amazing chicken curry,but have since found a recipe for good tofu chicken.Eggs are the only thing. Not that I especially love them and I know you can get protein from plants and nuts but am a bit scared to go the full hog as I heard it is harder to absorb all protein from nuts and stuff and it is convenience as well. I would never eat eggs outside as would only want them to come from somewhere I know is not stuck in a cage.

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