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If you love the new Fish and Chips vegan makeover, help me get to 500 likes! I love beer and I love pub-style food, the two usually …


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  1. Thank you for your recipes, your time and energy to figure these out. Growing up I had a slight allergy to soy products and caffeine, but since my military service my allergies have become severe, so I have to really pay attention to ingredients in food products. I can't wait to try your recipe on this "phish". 😋

  2. Ok…so I tried this recipe and my picky eater 15year old REALLY liked it.. 👍🏾👍🏾. I had an issue with the middle not being as flaky as yours 😔😔. Do you think placing it in the oven for a few while I finish frying the others will help? Any suggestion is appreciated. 💋💋

  3. A Thank You Againg to Chinese Who bring The Spirit Part of those Fish's DYing in Haiti Time = Us Spoons it's to long to get same in the POT…But Those who Cooking don't Forget Us at FLORIDA…A Friend on Room #201 Name Ms BETHY Give Me That Brochure Before BP Oil Devastation..Writting already…And She Said to Me:Did you will share with Me Marie ?

  4. New vegan. Sounds delicious. What kind of beer did you use? It looks like Heineken? I just found out today that the beer I bought is not on the list of vegan beers from PETA. I drink beer once or twice a year. I was in the mood for a beer. Bought a pack of Corona my fav. Something told me to check if alcohol is vegan. Wish that something had talked to me before I bought it. 😂

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