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  1. nothing like seeing pride in self produced quality, no one can take that from you or say you live a lazy life because its a self imposed choice. Not easy, but exclusive to yourself.

  2. So happy to rediscover this video just in time for National Creamsicle Day (Aug. 14th)! I definitely want to try your double orange pop, but maybe also experiment with lemonade outside and blueberry (homemade blueberry syrup, strained, + coconut milk?) inside. Cheers!

  3. Thank god I found your channel! I recently decided to go vegan and I've been looking for all kinds of vegan recipes. Your recipes will make the transition so much easier! 🙂

  4. Very cool! You're so creative! I love the way you pop up from behind the counter at the beginning, I'm just imagining you awkwardly squatting there before you film-makes me giggle! Haha:P

  5. You should have done it with a regular popsicle mold that fancy one makes me not want to try this because I know there is no way i can get the same results :/

  6. Amazing. Creamsicles and fish n chips are things I've missed since going vegan. Now I just need to go to the store and get some eggplant and coconut meat and I'll be ready. I love your videos, a lot of the recipes are very unique compared to other vegan recipe channels. And you're very entertaining 🙂

  7. what kind of coconut milk is it?  is it canned or carton?  If it canned, is the cream frozen?  My 7 year old daughter loves your vids.  Thanks in advance.  

  8. You really changed my life and changed me to A vegan I never thought I could since I watched your videos thx 😇❤️❤️❤️❤️ oh yeah these things are delish…

  9. you know what you might consider doing here is refining this as you go along so that you're presenting vegan health food, not vegan junk food. i'm not saying this recipe is junk, i'm just saying losing agave and replacing it with dates or worse case maple syrup or whatever.
    on the comedy stuff, you are such a beautiful woman, you could even slow that down and refine it to where the viewer can continue to sort of drink  you in so to speak, and perhaps with comedy but it's refined and slowed down a little so there is less to get in the way of the appreciation and preponderance of your incredible incredibleness………
    i'm not saying that the presentations are bad, the food is great, you're great and i understand the importance of veganizing all of the standard dishes…i'm just throwing out some ideas…which may very well be worthless and obnoxious, who knows

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