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  1. I spent 3 hours today making this and it was super dry and really didn't have any flavour. I dunno if I did something really wrong but I didn't use all the same ingredients and portions. I was so SAD!

  2. Hello I do not have an oven and am a new vegan and lately I've really been craving a chicken sandwich. Since my Boyfriend has been bringing them home a lot. So I really want to make this. Is there any way to do the chicken on a stovetop or microwave or another way to do it?

  3. why oh why, I been spending so much time watching lots of your videos and now I am so freaking HUNGRY!!!
    Could you ship me some of the Buffalo Hot Wings please ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I love ur recipes but I live in a place where I can't find all the ingredients so I hope u can explain how to make the chicken from scratch and for all the other recipes ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. i tried making your chicken seitan (without tahini) and not like yours at all, its stretchy and smooth before i put it in the oven. and when i pour in the vegetable broth into the dry it only uses half of the dry mixture so i have to knead and fold the dry into it (i hope that made sense) it it bc im not using tahini? we dont have tahini where i live and i saw comments saying they left out the tahini and it worked fine. Am i doing something wrong???

  6. Do you buy or make the egg replacer? If you buy it, where and if you make it how? Because Ive been making many of your recipes and the flavor is on point but I dont have any egg replacer so the breading is lacking texture.

  7. I can't believe I just now found your channel….where have I been all this time….lol!?!? As a vegan, wife, and mother to a vegan family…your recipes will be coming in very handy! My nine year old son wasn't always a vegan and still remembers eating at McDonald's unfortunately. My one year old son thankfully won't have any of those memories and it should be a bit easier for him. He is just happy to eat whatever we eat! My nine year old has been great about the change, but he use to love those Mc chicken sandwiches so this would be a nice surprise for him!

  8. Edgy Veg you saved me!! Well…you saved my thirteen year old son who typically rebels against eating in our vegetarian house lol!! He just asked me to make him all of the fast-food substitutes that you've made! I love your channel!

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