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If you love The Vegg please help us get 300 likes on this How to Make Lemon Curd video 🙂 Mmmmm Lemon Curd! This delicious …


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  1. Please make more cakes!
    I`m making my own vegan wedding cake next month and I`m freaking out because I can`t find anything that would hold the weight of the cake apart from (vegan) buttercream. And we don`t like buttercream… There must be something else out there!

  2. I am neither vegan nor particularly interested in it. But I'm lactose intolerant, my dad is allergic to eggs, and my mom has celiac disease, so the only recipes where I can find something to bake for everyone, is often vegan.
    By the way: This was incredibly good!

  3. Ha, just though I should tell you lemon curds are like little tarts/pies with curd in the middle. This video shows you what they look like. watch?v=Tw7sykK18ck

    I mean at least every time someone in my area says pass me a lemon curd, they get something like this. Ha

  4. my suggestion is to use organically grown lemon .if you grow lemons ,or know some one that grows lemons great ! considering some of the issues with gmo,i would recommend this way.
    subscribe to my channel.follow me on google+ .
    i do my best to provide good info….for all those vegans out there,or those whom want a healthy lifestyle.

  5. I don't believe I have seen The Vegg in my town yet, or even seen it!
    It looks exactly like yolk, that's crazy. I may order some online Monday!
    By the way the end killed me "I'm not a fan of Earl Gray (beer comes sliding in) much better"
    Cheers women!

  6. Started this month going vegan for the rest of my life, and I found you, you're like the Vegan Goddess, your videos makes easier to replace the food I used to eat for healthy one. Thanks for sharing. 

  7. You rock, girl! I have been missing lemon curd for sooooo long! We need to get Vegg in the UK!! Will try this with normal egg replacer and see what magic happens :o) Thanks Candice! Oh and in Britain we pronounce it "sc-onn" and not "sc-own" – just a silly foot note! lol :op x

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