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In this episode of The Edgy Veg Candice takes us all on a trip to Jamaica with her unique recipe for Vegan Jamaican Beef Patties.


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  1. just made these, waiting for them out of the oven to then freeze for vegan kid's visit. Smell good but very very spicy lol, he asked for three hot peppers in a 1/2 batch. thank you fun recipe

  2. Made this and my meat friends are loving it.. fyi my first ever baking something lol am loving this first attempt. Your vid was easy to follow every step..

  3. Have never had these before cuz we don't have Jamacian food in Idaho – that I can find anyway. Viet Vegan sent me to you"re vid. Just made them and they're so good! Thank you for a vegan version!

  4. I don't know if anyone has written about this before, but allspice is not a mixture of several spices but is a different spice with the name Pimento It is an essential ingredient in jerk seasoning and with rum makes a wonderful liquor. This Jamaican patty video is pure delight. What a gift to us Jamericans!

  5. Everything sounds great! The only recommendation is I grew up eating Jamaican patties and we never ever added rum nor any other alcoholic beverage to the filling. I would leave that out completely. There are many of us who do not consume any alcoholic products. But other than that those patties look just like mine! Thank you so much for the vid! One love.

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