Vegan Recipe: Matcha Ice Cream Recipe | The Edgy Veg

Learn how to make dairy free green tea ice cream at home with good for you ingredients! This vegan ice cream recipe is super easy to make and takes almost no …


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  1. Healthy has nothing to do with weight loss, it’s all about Calorie intake. Healthy is just a broad term that determines the quality of the Calorie you intake. Healthier foods have more beneficial Calories that will improve your body.

  2. What’s an alternative to sugar? Trying to cut that out or find a healthy substitute seems impossible even in vegan recipes…

  3. when I first realized why my matcha was so fucking dense even a small pinch I was like wtf so cheap then I realized after some research the high quality the smaller amount and darker the green colour the higher the quality

  4. I just recently became Vegan about a month ago!! I have always loved green tea especially matcha has been one of my favorite kind of teas for a good 3 years or so now! I will definitely be trying this soon!! 😍 Thank you for the recipe

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