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Gutentag! German wiener schnitzel was always part of my childhood meal plan, so when I went vegan I was scared to let go of this …


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  1. I'm trying your schnitzel recipe now based on the recipe I found after googling vegan schnitzel. Just decided to watch your video to help me along because I'm completely new to vegan cooking – never even heard of vital wheat gluten before. I hope your videos have improved in the seven years since you made this one, though.

  2. Sorry, what is incha-veeda? The second ingredient you said would give it a "nice buttery flavor". I played it back 7 times and I honestly can't understand what you're saying.
    It would be nice if you wrote it down for viewers. The recipe on your website list it; instead it has nutritional yeast – which isn't in the video. Please advise.

  3. Just made this for the holidays. It was a culinary Christmas miracle. Not sure what "anchoveta" is or where to get it, but it was amazing even without.

  4. made your schnitzel yesterday with the mushroom onion gravy and some pom frits. it was truly amazing. my wife is from Germany and used to make it before we went veg, she was happily impressed. Thanks.

  5. While it is true that schnitzel did not originate in Germany but rather Austria it is commonly know that in the lower parts of Germany such as Bavaria that nearly all German restaurants have some form of schnitzel on their menu. I am lead to believe this is the reason why most of the western world believes it is a German created food. "Vienna Schnitzel" is the first true Schnitzel created with Veal aka baby cow in Austria, all the rest of meat cutlets are just plain schnitzel.  Also Schnitzel can be breaded or not breaded, but in all reality is really does not mater as Germany pretty much made the schnitzel popular through out the world.  I lived Bavaria in Germany and most of the schnitzel I seen is made with pork but you can get it in turkey and chicken as well.  I am now transitioning away from most meats so I am loving this option and will be trying out your recipe to offer more meatless meals to my family.

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