Vegan Recipe: Orange Julius | The Edgy Veg

It is time for everyone’s favourite mall treat, the Orange Julius but without 1/2 a pound of sugar! Just all natural plant based …


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  1. You just squeezed the juice from the orange. It's just water content mostly. All the nutrients and flavour is in the flesh. Why not blend a peeled orange? you can sive the bits out later or have a jucing machine that does it for you. Poor orange gone to waste : (

  2. @The Edgy Veg hey, I love your videos! This is a weird request but you said you can make anything vegan, how about chicken soup? I'm serious. When I'm unwell sometimes I just want chicken soup but I'm vegan now.

  3. wow you are a breath of fresh air! ive been searching for vegan channels that arent so pretentious and condescending and i think i found the perfect one with you!! thank you!

  4. Wow! Cool. Here's a little tidbit of knowledge that you can I'm press your friends with. In Montreal there is a big orange shaped restaurant that make orange julup. Same thing as orange Julius

  5. I'm not sure if this is an outrageous suggestion, but I would love to see 2+ videos from you a week 🙂 Possibly an entree to go with this super yummy treat! 

    You're so freaking awesome 

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