Vegan Recipe: Oreo Mcflurry (Ice Cream Dessert) | The Edgy Veg

Please help me get to 500 likes on this video. Find out how I used a drill to make an Oreo Mcflurry that’s dairy-free!!! We all grew …


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  1. Every time I make one it’s extremely thin like liquid. No proper milkshake consistency. Maybe it’s the brand of ice cream I’m using

  2. Ugh some people in the comments are giving me a headache. Please do research before commenting something stupid.
    Here in the U.K the oreos ARE vegan because no animal products are used. The only flavour here that isn't vegan is the peanut butter one.
    The palm oil used in oreos is technically vegan too because it's not an animal product. It really just depends on how strict you are with being vegan.
    On the packet it will say something along the lines of "may contain milk". This is because they may be made in a factory where other products so have milk. But that doesn't necessarily mean oreos actually have milk. If they did I would've had an allergic reaction from it but i havent.

  3. fuckkkkk to everyone saying oreos aren't vegan in Australia they are it has no palm oil, and BTW some Oreos have milk and palm oil in them just read the ingredients first children

  4. Right now I'm just glad that I don't like Oreos at all 😂 it would be way to complicated for me to decide wether I should eat them or not with all the controversy in this comment section..

  5. oreos arent vegan. possibly at times because of the change in enzymes but more than that its the palm oil. palm oil is taken from the destruction of orangutan habitat so obviously the notion itself isnt complying to vegan beliefs. I'm not even vegan btw.

  6. i have been toying with becoming a vegan for so long now and recently my kids and I took the leap. Thank God for you because even though they are up for it now, I sure they would have got tempted to go back. Now they can once in a while snacks and not take part in harming animals. yaay!

  7. This looks delicious! I'm so glad Oreos are vegan. I plan to make a lot of Oreo recipe videos on my channel, so far I've only done Oreo cupcakes. All your videos are hilarious and your food always looks delicious <3

  8. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, because i bet you adore oreos like i do.. but oreos are actually not vegan 🙁
    they are made with palm oil, and sometimes (depending on the manufacturer) sugar with animal bone char…

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