Vegan recipe: Queso Dip (Mexican) with Daiya | The Edgy Veg

A Mexican queso chili cheese dip using Daiya and chilis!? This dip de queso is not made with velveeta but vegan cheese instead! It’s lactose free because it is …


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  1. One question, how long can it be stored in the fridge? i have done the recipe but have had it in the fridge for four days now. Just wondering if it is still safe to eat. Thank you!

  2. Daiya cheese isn't so budget friendly though. Next to that, and Trader Joes soy cheese, I don't know of any other half way decent soy cheeses out there.

  3. Sooo just found your channel and I couldn't be happier!! My wife and I are fairly new to the vegan game and I can't wait to try all your recipes!! They look fabulous!

  4. Hi Candice I love your recipes, I became vegan 3 months ago and I have to say you made it much easier 😀 I never did cheese before so I am looking forward to it. Unfortunately it will be just me eating this. Do you think I can freeze part of it? Thanks!!!

  5. Just finished making this.  I am not vegan but I am vegetarian working my way to being a vegan and cheese is the hardest part.  The only thing I did differently was sautéed some jalapenos and onions and added them instead of the chilies and tomatoes.  Just never liked tomatoes in queso.  It came out soooo good and it was sooo easy!  Thanks for sharing and getting me closer to veganism!  ;o)

  6. Dear Miss Edyveg, you are the bomb and I love your vegan style! The end! 🙂
    PS Thanks for all you do to help new vegans find ways to make their old comfort food, it sure has helped me transition!

  7. For the vegan-cheese-not-buyers:
    If you want to make your own cheese, you can try this recipe: bell pepper, salt and macadamia nuts all shredded together.
    I got this from matt monarch's wife. Check him out and you'll find it here on youtube!
    I like your videos, edgy veg, i hope, there a lots more to come!
    Best wishes from germany!

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