Vegan Recipe: Shamrock Shake Copycat | The Edgy Veg

Did you like the video? Tell me by helping me hit 500 likes. 🙂 The Shamrock Shake is a green, minty milkshake available at McDonalds every March for a limited …


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  1. Mmmmmmmm shamrock shakes were literally my favorite THANKYOU i will be buying all these ingredients tomorrow (except the whipped cream because my area still isnt very vegan friendly yet) and some guiness lol

  2. Oh my gosh! I love the real shamrock shake from McDonald's and was really curious to see how this would taste, especially because of the kale being added to this. I'm not vegan but recently became obsessed with almond milk. I am a really picky eater and like to stick to foods that I like. I just finished making this and LOVE IT! I can't wait to try more vegan junk food!

  3. In one tab i m streaming "one piece" and in other i m watching this.. by the end of this video, op's opening started.. and the whole video became so epic 😀

    btw I m addicted to your videos.. tho I never step in kitchen but I have a dream that one day i will b making these things 🙂

  4. Do you still use sappho ? 🙂 would love to know what shade you are, I'm trying to order some (hard to get in the uk!) and I'm not sure what shade to get but whatever one you use looks like we are similar skin tone : ) x

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