Vegan Recipe: Squash Burgers -Vegan Cook Off Challenge | The Edgy Veg

I told you it was coming and here it is!!!! I challenged my friend Heather (Healthy Vegan) to a vegan cook-off! Whitney AKA Eco …


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  1. These videos need more meat in them. Im on a crusade to post meat related comments in vegan videos, just so vegans know how irritating it is for some self righteous preacher to invite themselves in where noone wants them. You people need more protein, the way nature intended.

  2. Way to let the realities of recipe testing shine through! Not everything works the first time around but sometime talented chefs like you make it look too easy. Thanks for keeping it real and super cute in your squirrel tee 🙂

  3. interesting recipe, i'll have to try this and subscribe to your channel. i've been fermenting teff a while ago to make gluten free injera (good stuff). did you know that you can eat the skin of the kabocha squash? that's how the japanese eat it.

  4. Hola chica! This burger looks good! And from ehat I've read about teff it looks like a great healthy grain.
    I have to say you are both very different chefs. But both equally creative and vegan good!
    May the best vegan chef win!

    Ps. I'm trying to get me a machete to cut this mean but delish squash. Lol!

  5. I choose you, Pikachu!  loved this @Edgy Veg!  and great challenge there, @Eco-Vegan Gal!  and if it wasn't clear by my clever opening line, my vote goes to your massive burger!  both of you showed a good effort and it was pretty close.  but making a burger out of something called "Teff"?  that's pretty epic.  plus you kept it under 5 minutes- a woman after my own heart! 🙂

  6. OK – strictly commenting from a production quality because I'm going to save my vote for the announcement. 🙂 Your kitchen looks awesome and you cracked me up, as always. I especially love your end card – still laughing about that! And I'm so excited that I introduced you to Teff – what did you think of it overall? I wanted to hear more of your thoughts on the burger taste – details please! 

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