Vegan Recipe :STARBUCKS Salted Caramel Mocha with Ryan Thomas Woods| Edgy Veg

Hey Guys! Make sure you check out our video on Ryan’s channel here: Did you like the video? Tell us by …


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  1. Where did you get the 'air press'?  Any particular brand you recommend?  How easy is it to clean?  Also, for this one, wouldn't it need some sort of salt to be a salted caramel?  Didn't know about vegan caramel, thanks!

  2. Yay! Candice we met at Don Jon's in Costa Rica about half a year ago! I've been following your videos and I love them! Its combining two great passions of mine: Making food and living a healthy lifestyle 🙂 Its cool to see that you have almost doubled your subscriptions since I started watching, and you deserve them SO so much. It has inspired me to make my videos in english instead of norwegian, so if the moons and planets line up once in the future, we could collab 😛 Haha. Now, I also happen to I have an aeropress in my office, so I´ll try out this recipe later today! Cheers!

  3. Starbucks salted caramel mocha can be vegan too! You sub soy, no whipped cream or caramel drizzle.

    It's actually tofeenut syrup in the drink itself. So you can sub caramel syrup if you want that caramel flavor, but i really like the nuttiness it has with the toffee nut.

    ( caramel drizzle and dark caramel sauce have milk fat in it, but the caramel syrup is vegan friendly)

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