Vegan recipe: Sweet Crepes w my Boston Terrier | Edgy Veg

Learn how to make delicious lactose free (non dairy) crepes, with me and Pixie, my family dog. Today we make both the traditional …


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  1. I was looking forward to see pixie tastes it because you said that she liked crepes but I'm not too disappointed since it's an easy recipe, just wondering about the types of flour that can be used if it's interchangeable?

  2. I cannot believe I just found you channel after researching vegan recipes for months now. Huh. My Boston Lucy enjoyed your crepe video. I'd like to see more videos from you using whole foods. Are you planning any?

  3. @Edgy Veg 
    You should bake them a little bit longer, they need some brownish-bronzed color like american pancakes, your seem a bit raw. I know because in my country crepes are "regular" and I make them often 🙂 Just a friendly suggestion.

  4. Pixies like wtf are u barking about? I don't understand your barks!! U funny looking hairless dog!!* sigh I'll take a nap until you learn to bark straight** zzzzzzzzz goes for a nap. Lol

  5. Cześć from Poland! Dear Candice, I am Polish, as you could probably tell and I was wondering if you could make vegan pierogi please. Dziękuje! Dobranoc!

  6. I don't usually fuss this much with my vegan eats, but, phwoar, is this nummy looking, especially the vegan Nutella and nanners one!  Gonna try it.  P.S.  That is an adorable top.  Adorable!  P.P.S. The dog is cute, too.  So distressing to be reminded of the existence of dog breeding mills; Pixie's lucky to have found your family.

  7. Aaaahw love Pixie! Great that you guys saved him!!! Sad that he needed to be saved tho..
    And I like this recipe! Not a lot of ingredients 😀 I'm gonna try it

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