Vegan Recipe: Sweet Potato Burger Collab with Healthy Grocery Girl

In this video Candice teams up her friend Megan from the Healthy Grocery Girl to create 2 recipes using the same 3 ingredients …


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  1. My husband has been vegan forever…long before was popular…I use raw cashew bits that I put into a blender (Vita Mix works best)…cover about 2-3 cups with HOT water, then whir the CRAP out of them until are as smooth as silk, like unconstituted creamed mushroom soup aka THICK…I then add a little bit of salt, 1/4 c nutritional yeast flakes…pimento to make it look like cheddar cheese…i pour this into cooked pasta noodles, then bake 45* @ 350…my kids grew up on this and LOVE it.
    I also use this same cashew cream as a base for Potato Soup…or Potato au Grauten aka Scalloped potatoes.
    For "sour cream" add some lemon juice…small amounts, depending on how sour you want it.
    I also use this cashew cream to make OUT OF THIS WORLD salad dressing…adding lemon juice…and a LOT of fresh garlic…i add about 6 cloves garlic to 2 cups cashew cream and 1/2 c nutritional yeast flakes….can add various spices to this.
    And if you'd like my recipe how to make "HO'made Gluten Steaks"…send me a PM…am happy to share my recipe…
    I use gluten flour (Bobs Red Mill) ..BUT…there's a little trick to make them so tender, melt in your mouth…
    I use soda crackers mixed with nutritional yeast flakes…fry em up…YUMMY
    Word of caution…my Porcupine Popcicles never became a big hit with anyone, so…i stick to using my Champion Juicer, push frozen fruits, bananas to sweeten the raspberries…sometimes add honey, but then thats not vegan as some say its bee vomit.

  2. I love your humour very Jess in New Girl if you know what I mean plus you make fab food! I've been attempting to recreate your vegan recipes for ages now and you've inspired me so much✨ I am now a happy and strong little vegan😚

  3. Tried this recipe and sadly it just didn't work for me at all. The flavor of the patties were great but the texture was way too soft and messy to eat as a hamburger.. I love the black bean burger recipe with mushrooms so much more, taste and especially texture wise.

  4. Hey I've been vegan less then a year not on my birthday last year and my family's not on bored with it and I might not have a vegan birthday cake on Friday when I turn 16 I'm used to bringing my own meal and skipping desert at events but I'll look like a bitch if I don't eat my own birthday cake and I'm not breaking being vegan for that but how do I now look like a bitch to my meat eating family

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